Spin Art T-Shirts

Taking it old school once again with spin art. We have taken the old time fun, spin art activity and brought it up a notch by putting it on a t-shirt. We can do a variety of color shirts but black is definitely the most striking. We use only high quality 100% cotton t-shirts.

The process: We set up our spin art station with a ground covering so no mess is left behind. We also provide a smock so the guests do not get paint on themselves. We put the t-shirt into the spin art creator and the guest squeezes the paint onto the shirts to create unique, one of a kind designs.

Once the spin art t-shirt is created it needs to sit for a few minutes to dry. The guests can come back later to get their shirts when they are dry.

We can also pre-print the shirts with branding to the event. If this is a corporate event, we can show up to the event with a logo on the sleeve, back or bottom of the shirt. The guests then take that branded shirt and create their unique spin art t-shirt. This is a great brand activation.

Fun 4 Events Spin Art T-Shirts is fun for all ages.