Custom Word Bracelets

We started offering custom word bracelets over a year ago and our client, and their guests, absolutely love them. They are great for corporate activations, trade shows, weddings, bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, birthday party. Find out what your guests word is? Is it motivational? Is it a great memory they have? Is it their dogs name? It could be anything.

Tracy Hueth
Edible Balloons
Screen Shot 2019-09-13 at 10.21.32 AM.png

One of our newest activations is our Edible Balloons. Remember as a kid going to Disneyland and getting a helium balloon? Then after you had it for a while it was time to suck out the helium and talk funny? We have taken that fun experience and upgraded it. We made edible balloons out of candy and fill them with helium. You can inhale the helium then eat the balloon. Doesn’t get much better than that.

Tracy Hueth
The Best Mini Donuts Ever

We have been offering mini donuts for about 10 years now and they are still one of our most popular activations. We bring out mini donut fryer to your event and make hot fresh mini donuts right there. We offer a variety of toppings and if you upgrade to our mini donut bar we add 6 addition toppings like oreo cookie crumbs, heath bar crunch, coconut, sprinkles, etc. We also offer drunken donuts which is our alcohol infused glazes like maple bourbon, fireball vanilla and chocolate gran mariner. Too good to resist.

mini donut 2019-04-03 OCWP April Event - Modern Love - Sneaks-44.jpg
Photo Mosaic

One of our latest, most popular and fun offerings is our Photo Mosaic. We can take photos (take them at the event with out roaming photo booth or our selfie station or any other photo op we offer, or photos from the host that were taken prior to the event) and create a beautiful images made from the photos. We can do a photo of a bride and groom, anniversary couple, birthday person or logo or brand. We can do a mosaic for just about any image. The mosaic tells the story of the event through photos. Scroll through the gallery below.

Haunted Halloween Themed Gigantic Inflatable Snow Globe

Snow Globes are not only for the winter holidays any more. We can change the background of our giant inflatable snow globe and put a halloween background in and black, orange and purple soft props, spiders, rats, spider webs, the guests can have an eyeball fight instead of a snow ball fight and now it is a haunted halloween globe. Great for your halloween party, halloween celebration at a school, fundraiser.

snow globe halloween background
snow globe set up
Spin Art Cards, T Shirts, Bags, Flying Discs, Vinyl Albums

Take it old school with our spin art! We can do spin art cards, t shirts, grocery bags, glasses and flying discs. So much fun for adults and children. We can also do custom colors to match your brand or color scheme. Great for kids parties, birthdays, bar and bat mitzvah’s, holiday parties, corporate events, brand activations. We are based in Los Angeles but can travel anywhere including Las Vegas, San Diego, San Francisco, Chicago, Denver, Austin, Dallas, Houston, Santa Barbara, Miami, Orlando, New York, NYC, Boston.

Spin Art Cards

Spin Art Cards

Donut Wall

We have been asked for a very long time about doing a Donut Wall and we finally said yes. Ours is very unique because it can have 2 donuts on each peg on one side or 1 donut on each side so guests can get their donuts on both sides of the wall. We offered very unique flavors like Snickers, Birthday Cake, Butter and Salt (which is to die for).

donut wall full size.jpg
Phone Case Printer
IMG_6804 (3).jpeg

Providing your guests with a fun experience and a way to remember it by is one of our favorite parts of event hosting. With our phone case printing station, your guests can design their very own phone case, print it on the spot, and remember the party for years to come. Almost everyone has a cell phone, which is why the phone case printing is such a popular way to provide a creative keepsake that is accessible to party-goers of any age. 


Our interactive phone printing station allows guests to design their phone case using green screen technology. Compatible with iPhone and Samsung devices, your guests will start by choosing their phone case dimension and model. Next is the fun part! Using our library of images or uploading your own, each guest designs their phone case and it is printed on the spot. The great thing about the phone case printing system is that it is the perfect choice for any type or party or event. Clients can provide images to add to our system before the party begins, so if you have something like a logo, party theme, or even a hashtag, your guests can have it printed on their phone case. It’s also a very smart choice for branded events or corporate parties, since your logo or brand will be on the back of your guest’s phones and in the eyesight of everyone in their vicinity when they take out their phone. We love seeing all the ideas our clients come up with and the wide variety of images used in past parties!

IMG_6799 (3).jpeg
IMG_6800 (1).jpeg

That’s all it takes to have your customized phone case designed and ready to take home within minutes. Great for Bachelorette Parties, weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, Bat Mitzvahs, or Bar Mitzvahs, phone case printing is a fun activity for your event that reminds your guests of their memories long after the party is over.