We offer flavors such as pink vanilla, blue raspberry, amaretto, anise, banana foster, brandy, cabernet and the list goes on. Great addition to any event.

Sliced apples ready to be sugared up with delicious treats such as chocolate, caramel, sprinkles, heath bar crunch, fruity pebbles and many more. A fun alternative to a whole candy apple or caramel apple.

Our french fries are cut on-site at your event and fried right before your eyes. Displayed in cute little to-go cones for you to pick up fresh!



Interactive dessert station where guests get to candy their apples. Bar toppings include; chocolate, caramel, sprinkles, heath bar crunch, fruity pebbles, amongst others.

We offer traditional cotton candy flavors such as pink vanilla and blue raspberry. Along with gourmet flavors; amaretto, anise, banana foster, brandy, cabernet and the list goes on.

Served fresh right out of the machine and into an individual size bag for you to take. We offer an array of toppings such as chocolate, caramel, or strawberries. We also have gluten free and vegan available.

Spiral cut potatoes on a bamboo skewer and fried to perfection. We offer a variety of savory powdered toppings like ranch, jalapeño cheddar, salt and vinegar, bbq, or salt and pepper.

Made to order crepes with either nutella, bananas, or strawberries. Top them off with chocolate, caramel, or whipped cream. Yum!

S’mores aren’t just for camping anymore. You won’t need a campfire, we can bring the s’mores bar to your event.

Fresh waffles cooked to order then dress your waffle with chocolate, caramel, strawberry and whipped cream.

Allow your event guests to enjoy a tasty treat while also having a little fun.

Funnel Cake

An old favorite that never gets old. Our mini Funnel Cakes come with caramel, chocolate, strawberry and whipped cream.

popcorn Bar

What else can be said about popcorn? Everyone’s favorite snack that has been upgraded to a Popcorn Bar.

liquid nitrogen ice cream

Taking ice cream to the next level. We make our own ice cream base in just about any flavor, add liquid nitrogen and in minutes you have freshly made, creamy ice cream.

edible balloons

The latest craze in the events industry. We take a proprietary candy base and fill it will helium and the result is the best interactive dessert ever.