Hot Fresh Gourmet Popcorn Bar

What else can be said about popcorn? Everyone’s favorite snack. Popped fresh at your event and service in popcorn bags. We take it to the next level and create an amazing Popcorn Bar. Add additional savory flavors like cheesy jalapeño, nacho cheese powders or your favorite sweet treats like mini m&m’s, Jr. Mints, Fruity Pebbles (surprisingly popular), Heath Bar Crunch. Our Gourmet Popcorn Bar is served in Chinese food takeout containers and regular popcorn is served in bags.

Fun 4 Events Los Angeles rentals fresh popcorn is great for holiday party, Christmas party, halloween party, NYE party, New Years Event Party, Corporate, Corporate Activation, brand corporate brand brand activation, wedding, bar mitzvah bat mitzvah, premier party, wrap party, birthday party, anniversary, grand opening, any event where you want to have fun and create a memorable viral experience.

We are based in Southern California, in the Los Angeles Area and service San Diego, Santa Barbara, Orange County, Las Vegas, Phoenix, San Francisco, Napa, Sacramento, Denver, Seattle, Portland, Chicago, Boston, Dallas, Austin, Houston, Miami, Orlando, New York (NYC) and everywhere else in the United States.  We will travel.