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Phone Case Printer
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Providing your guests with a fun experience and a way to remember it by is one of our favorite parts of event hosting. With our phone case printing station, your guests can design their very own phone case, print it on the spot, and remember the party for years to come. Almost everyone has a cell phone, which is why the phone case printing is such a popular way to provide a creative keepsake that is accessible to party-goers of any age. 


Our interactive phone printing station allows guests to design their phone case using green screen technology. Compatible with iPhone and Samsung devices, your guests will start by choosing their phone case dimension and model. Next is the fun part! Using our library of images or uploading your own, each guest designs their phone case and it is printed on the spot. The great thing about the phone case printing system is that it is the perfect choice for any type or party or event. Clients can provide images to add to our system before the party begins, so if you have something like a logo, party theme, or even a hashtag, your guests can have it printed on their phone case. It’s also a very smart choice for branded events or corporate parties, since your logo or brand will be on the back of your guest’s phones and in the eyesight of everyone in their vicinity when they take out their phone. We love seeing all the ideas our clients come up with and the wide variety of images used in past parties!

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That’s all it takes to have your customized phone case designed and ready to take home within minutes. Great for Bachelorette Parties, weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, Bat Mitzvahs, or Bar Mitzvahs, phone case printing is a fun activity for your event that reminds your guests of their memories long after the party is over.